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Edité le 22/08/2017

Title: Development of quantitative methods for  hydrocarbons, sulfured and nitrogen compound characterization in  Vacuum Gas Oil by HT-GCxGC

Post-Doc with the University of Rouen in collaboration with Total.

Location: in the R&D Research Center TRTG of Total close to Le Havre (France)/Laboratory SMS EA3233 University of Rouen (France).

Main goal of the study :

The new challenge for the oil industry is the exploitation of increasingly heavy conventional crude oils and unconventional crude oils whose compositions are still poorly known. The refining processes must be optimized in order to be able to efficiently convert the heavy cuts resulting from these crudes, such as vacuum distillates, into products with high added value (gasoline, gas oil, etc.) and thus satisfy an ever-increasing market.

This optimization requires a detailed characterization of the complex petroleum fractions. High-temperature comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography "HT-GCxGC", thanks to its high peak capacity, has already demonstrated its high separation power for this type of cuts (Duhamel et al. Journal of Chromatography A, 1387 (2015) 95–103). An analytical method has been developed, allowing to elute compounds up to n-C60, and to organize vacuum distillate sections by chemical families. New couplings of HT-GCxGC with differential flux modulation to specific detection with sulfur chemiluminescence (SCD) and nitrogen (NCD) as well as to mass spectrometry (HR-TOF) will be developed. The next step will also be the development of quantitative HT-GCxGC methods. For this purpose, all parts of the GCxGC must be optimized, from the injection to the quantification, to the reliability of the stationary phases and a better understanding of the flow management in the modulator.

Start September 2017

Contact: Prof Pascal Cardinael


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