Offre de thèse à l'institut Galien Paris Sud

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Edité le 14/08/2019

le projet de thèse s'intitule: "Novel Approaches for Sensitive Detection of Doping Substances in athletes"

Établissement : Université Paris-Sud - Unité de recherche : Institut Galien Paris-Sud, Faculté de Pharmacie

Directeur de la thèse : Prof. Myriam TAVERNA et Thuy Tran

École doctorale : Sciences Chimiques : Molécules, Matériaux, Instrumentation et Biosystèmes (2MIB) Spécialité : chimie

Début de la thèse : le 1 octobre 2019;

Date limite de candidature : 15 septembre 2019

Key words: Capillary electrophoresis, HPLC, mass spectrometry, doping, preconcentration, separation techniques

Description du sujet: (références disponibles dans le document attaché)

Currently, the screening of a large number of doping substances (DS) in urine of athletes is carried out after non-selective dilution of the sample. This approach is mainly used to screen compounds with limited metabolism and present at relatively high concentration in urine (10-100 ng/mL). In the case of traces of DS, immuno-purification or solid phase extraction (SPE) methods are required, but they are limited due to the possible loss of sample and the risk of cross-contamination. We have recently developed several electrokinetic preconcentration approaches that can be performed by capillary electrophoresis. These preconcentration strategies developed in our group allowed the quantification of biological molecules at extremely low concentrations (1, 2) and open up possibilities for infinite preconcentration of analytes.
Thus, the PhD will develop methods based on these approaches to quantify metabolites or illicit hormonal peptides in urine. To further improve detection limits, these approaches can be combined online with solid phase extraction, using monolith for the enrichment of molecules (3). In this project, we will use these new approaches to preconcentrate small growth hormone secretagogue peptides and other molecules found in urine that will be chosen in agreement with the « Agence Française de Lutte contre le Dopage ». The PhD will establish collaborations with this agency to enrich his/her thesis topic and meet the current challenges in anti-doping purposes. Finally, in addition to enrichment and preconcentration methods, the PhD will also develop separation methods based on UHPLC or capillary electrophoresis, possibly coupled to mass spectrometry, for the detection and quantification of these molecules.

Les références sont disponibles dans le fichier attaché.

Profil et compétences recherchées :

• Candidates motivated by analytical science, particularly separation techniques and mass spectrometry, but also by the field of bioanalysis. The candidate must hold an engineering degree and/or a master's degree.
• Good theoretical knowledge (at least) in analytical chemistry, including separation techniques. An experience in capillary electrophoresis, particularly mass spectrometry, would be an asset.
• Both oral and written English proficiency
• Motivated candidates who have excellent communication skills, teamworking ability, critical and open mind.

Pour candidater:

detailed CV ⚫ at least two references (persons likely to be contacted) ⚫ a letter of motivation ⚫ Master 1 or 2 or engineering marks ⚫ possibly a letter of recommendation from a previous training supervisor. Contact and before September 15, 2019


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