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Edité le 15/11/2016

8th International Symposium on the Separation and Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules, February 1-3, 2017, Rhone Events & Congrescenter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Chairman: Prof. Peter Schoenmakers.

Aims & scope:

SCM-8 is the premier meeting on the characterization of high-molecular-weight analytes covering topics from a wide range of specialties including analytical chemistry, materials and polymers, and the life sciences, offering a platform for scientists from diverging backgrounds and with different current perspectives to interact, to discuss subjects of mutual interest, and to discover new synergies. The latest developments in theory, methodology, technology, and instrumentation will be presented along with a strong focus on solving relevant industrial problems.

Our SCM-8 programme puts the important topics and methods at the foreground with particular focus on Polymer Characterization, Non-Soluble Materials Characterization/Analysis of Soluble Polymers, and Separation of Very-High-Molecular-Weight Polymers and Small Particles.

However, difficult problems cannot usually be addressed by a single technique and may even require novel approaches; exciting developments in mass spectrometric techniques for the characterization of macromolecules are set to be discussed including new instrumentation and applications. Likewise, developments in spectroscopic techniques, microscopy, and thermal analysis will be discussed and special detectors for macromolecules such as light scattering and viscometry are also on the agenda.

The M•E•A•T (Make, Encounter, Apply, Technology) of the SCM-8 conference consists of a number of important application areas.

Our strong connection with the polymer-manufacturing industry, those who MAKE macromolecules, has contributed greatly to the success of previous meetings.
We also cater for those who ENCOUNTER natural macromolecules, such as polysaccharides. The nature, composition, and properties of such macromolecules is a key focus of the meeting.
SCM-8 is a vital meeting for all the industries and scientific fields in which macromolecules are APPLIED. This includes, among other fields, the food industry (and food science), the pharmaceutical industry, and medical and biological science.
Finally, SCM-8 is a key platform for industries that produce TECHNOLOGY for separating and characterizing natural and synthetic macromolecules.


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