WWEM 2016

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Edité le 02/11/2016

7th International Conference and Exhibition on Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring, November 2-3, 2016, Telford, England.

Organiser: International Labmate.

Aims & scope:

WWEM is a focused event for companies and individuals who are involved with water, wastewater and environmental monitoring. WWEM comprises of a two day conference run with industry partners including SWIG (Sensors for water Interest Group) and the IWA (International Water Association), an exhibition of over 150 companies who provide instruments and equipment to monitor, test and analyse water or wastewater and over 80 free technical seminar sessions on applications and case studies.

November 2016 will be the seventh time this dedicated biennial Water exhibition will be held. Visitors to WWEM will be able to source the latest products from laboratory analysis to process monitoring to testing out in the field as well as information on working in hazardous areas and Gas detection.

 Telford, UK   Lien