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AT Europe

Edité le 17/11/2016

Analytical Technologies in the Biopharmaceutical Industry, March 14-17, 2017, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels, Belgium.

Organizer: CASSS

Aims : This Symposium in particular provides an active forum for discussion of recent developments and regulatory considerations of the practical application of analytical technologies like capillary electrophoresis, mass spectrometry and chromatography for product characterization, process monitoring, formulation development and release testing in the biopharmaceutical industry. 


  • Method Development and Comparability,
  • New Trends in Mass Spec,
  • New Trends in Chromatography, 
  • Non Platform Proteins, 
  • New Trends in Capillary Electrophoresis, 
  • Glycan Analysis 


Deadline for oral communication : 18/11/2016

deadline for poster communication: 10/02/2017 



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 Brussels, Belgium   Lien

Pittcon 2017

Edité le 16/11/2016

The Pittsburgh Conference and Exposition on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, March 5-9, 2017, Mc Cormick Place, West Hall, Chicago, USA.

Organizers: Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh & Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh.

Executive Officer: Gregory Meisner, President.

Aims & scope:

Pittcon is the world's leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science. Pittcon attracts attendees from industry, academia and government from over 90 countries worldwide.

Pittcon's target audience is not just “analytical chemists,” but all laboratory scientists — anyone who identifies, quantifies, analyzes or tests the chemical or biological properties of compounds or molecules, or who manages these laboratory scientists. Having grown beyond its roots in analytical chemistry and spectroscopy, Pittcon has evolved into an event that now also serves a diverse constituency encompassing life sciences, pharmaceutical discovery and QA, food safety, environmental, bioterrorism and other emerging markets.

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 Chicago, USA   Lien

PBA 2016

Edité le 15/11/2016

27th International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, November 13-16 2016, Guangzhou, China

Chairmen: Zhengjin Jiang & Su Zeng



This symposium will cover all aspects of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, including new analytical technologies and methodologies for (bio)pharmaceuticals, biomarkers and omics, with particular emphasis on natural products, especially traditional Chinese medicines. The areas selected by PBA 2016 include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of biopharmaceuticals
  • Analysis of natural products, including TCM
  • Bioaffinity systems
  • Bioanalysis, sample preparation
  • Biosensors 
  • Chiral separations 
  • Drug metabolic profiling
  • Method validation, quality by design, chemometrics 
  • Pharmaceutical analysis 
  • Proteomics, metabolomics, other omics
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 Guangzhou, China   Lien

ASASS 2016

Edité le 15/11/2016

International Symposium on Advances in Separation Science, November 30 - December 2, 2016, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia

Organizer: ACROSS, Australian Center for Research on Separation Science

ASASS 2016 is an international symposium dedicated to showcasing the latest and greatest improvements in the field of separation science and related techniques, bringing together the leading scientists and practitioners within Australasia, Asia, and beyond, together with invited experts of world renown.

The fisrt ACROSS  Symposium on Advances in Separation Science was held in 2008 at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, and was a great success, attracting a substantial number of international delegates and leading scientists, who enjoyed three days of lively discussions and cutting edge science within a beautiful and stimulating environmement.

The 2016 symposium will once again be held in Hobart , the state capital of beautiful island of Tasmania, Australia. The symposium will be held over three days including thematic sessions, researcher workshop and poster sessions,  not to mention a stimulating social program.

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 Hobart, Australia   Lien


Edité le 15/11/2016

8th International Symposium on the Separation and Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules, February 1-3, 2017, Rhone Events & Congrescenter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Chairman: Prof. Peter Schoenmakers.

Aims & scope:

SCM-8 is the premier meeting on the characterization of high-molecular-weight analytes covering topics from a wide range of specialties including analytical chemistry, materials and polymers, and the life sciences, offering a platform for scientists from diverging backgrounds and with different current perspectives to interact, to discuss subjects of mutual interest, and to discover new synergies. The latest developments in theory, methodology, technology, and instrumentation will be presented along with a strong focus on solving relevant industrial problems.

Our SCM-8 programme puts the important topics and methods at the foreground with particular focus on Polymer Characterization, Non-Soluble Materials Characterization/Analysis of Soluble Polymers, and Separation of Very-High-Molecular-Weight Polymers and Small Particles.

However, difficult problems cannot usually be addressed by a single technique and may even require novel approaches; exciting developments in mass spectrometric techniques for the characterization of macromolecules are set to be discussed including new instrumentation and applications. Likewise, developments in spectroscopic techniques, microscopy, and thermal analysis will be discussed and special detectors for macromolecules such as light scattering and viscometry are also on the agenda.

The M•E•A•T (Make, Encounter, Apply, Technology) of the SCM-8 conference consists of a number of important application areas.

Our strong connection with the polymer-manufacturing industry, those who MAKE macromolecules, has contributed greatly to the success of previous meetings.
We also cater for those who ENCOUNTER natural macromolecules, such as polysaccharides. The nature, composition, and properties of such macromolecules is a key focus of the meeting.
SCM-8 is a vital meeting for all the industries and scientific fields in which macromolecules are APPLIED. This includes, among other fields, the food industry (and food science), the pharmaceutical industry, and medical and biological science.
Finally, SCM-8 is a key platform for industries that produce TECHNOLOGY for separating and characterizing natural and synthetic macromolecules.


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 Amsterdam, The Netherlands   Lien

Chimiométrie XVIII

Edité le 15/11/2016

Chimiométrie XVIII, 30 janvier-1er février 2017, AgroParisTech, Paris, France.

Président : Douglas N. Rutledge

Organisateurs : Groupe Français de Chimiométrie, Sociéte Française de Statistique

Thématiques :

  • Chimie, biologie, biochimie et sciences du vivant,
  • Sciences pharmaceutiques et médicales,
  • Métabolomique, protéomique, génomique fonctionnelle,
  • Cosmétiques, agro-alimentaire,
  • Analyse sensorielle,
  • Traitement et analyse de l'image,
  • Spectroscopies, techniques séparatives,
  • Plans d'expériences,
  • Formulation / déformulation,
  • Optimisation et suivi des procédés,
  • Sciences analytiques avancées (LC-MS, GC-MS, GCxGC, etc.),
  • Validation de méthodes,
  • etc...
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 Paris, France   Lien

WWEM 2016

Edité le 02/11/2016

7th International Conference and Exhibition on Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring, November 2-3, 2016, Telford, England.

Organiser: International Labmate.

Aims & scope:

WWEM is a focused event for companies and individuals who are involved with water, wastewater and environmental monitoring. WWEM comprises of a two day conference run with industry partners including SWIG (Sensors for water Interest Group) and the IWA (International Water Association), an exhibition of over 150 companies who provide instruments and equipment to monitor, test and analyse water or wastewater and over 80 free technical seminar sessions on applications and case studies.

November 2016 will be the seventh time this dedicated biennial Water exhibition will be held. Visitors to WWEM will be able to source the latest products from laboratory analysis to process monitoring to testing out in the field as well as information on working in hazardous areas and Gas detection.

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 Telford, UK   Lien